Boo Rudetoons is a Comic Artist who created VeganCaveGirl along with many other
Comics and has worked on transformers and marvel dc licensed products.  
Buying an Artist Pens is like
Buying an artist a Drink...
Except I draw Boobies lol
Welcome to my crazy comicbooks, im Boo Rudetoons and I’ve
been working in comics for over 20 years. I’ve drawn plenty of
Covers and pages for Tansformers, ZombieTramp, etc as well
as licnesed product art for Marvel, DC, Vampirella. But the
whole time what I really enjoyed doing was making my own
action comedy comics like FlagForce, Majesty, Black Boomerang,
VeganCaveGiirl and many others. A whole Booniverse of comics
which I sell on Kickstarter.
My comics are black and white and contain comical nudity much
Like a carry on film. Im a tradition artist drawing everything with
Pen on paper.
Follow my Kickstarter account
So you can see my previous kicks
And know when new kicks launch.
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My Mother is an incredible Jewellery designer and maker
Working in Silver, Gold and mixed metals to create stunning
Celtic, Magical and Folklore Fine Jewellery.
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